Court Process

Guide to City of The Village Court Process

If you have received a citation from the City of The Village, it's crucial to understand the court process and your responsibilities. This section will provide you with a step-by-step guide to address your citation properly.

Arraignment Date

Upon receiving the citation, you were given an arraignment date. You have two options to address the citation:

Pre-court Resolution

  • You can take care of your citation before the court date by:
  • Paying the citation in full.
  • Setting up a payment plan with the Court Office during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm) in person.
  • Signing up for deferred sentencing/probation with the Court Office in person.

If your citation is eligible for a reduced fine or dismissal by court staff, you can find the guidelines for that dismissal listed on your ticket under the "Offense" section or on the "Common Dismissals" tab of this web page.

Appearing in Court

If you choose to appear in court, the address is 2304 Manchester Dr, The Village, OK 73120.

Need an Interpreter?

If you require an interpreter, please contact The Village Municipal Court at least two weeks prior to your court date by calling 405-751-9266, and we will arrange for one to be present to assist you.

What Happens When You Appear in Court

When you arrive for court, proceed to the Administration counter to check-in. After checking in, you will be asked to have a seat in the courtroom and wait for your turn to see the Judge. When your docket begins, the Judge will call your name in the order you checked in. Approach the bench when your name is called.

Next, the Judge will ask you to enter a plea. You have three options:


By pleading guilty, you admit to the charges, and the Judge will order fines/fees or may request that you return with additional documentation on another date.

No Contest

A no-contest plea means you do not admit guilt, but you also do not contest the charges. The Judge will order fines/fees or may request that you return with additional documentation on another date.

Not Guilty

By pleading not guilty, you contest the charges, and a trial date will be set. You will be required to return to court on the specified trial date. You may be ordered to post a cash bond.

Payment of Fines/Fees & Payment Plans

After seeing the Judge, you can pay any fines or fees directly at the Administration counter. If you need a payment plan for the fines/fees, you can request one at the same counter. Please note that amounts due on deferred sentences are not eligible for payment plans.

Consequences of Missing Your Court Date

Missing your scheduled court date can have serious consequences. If you miss your court date, certain options become unavailable. The court staff will no longer be authorized to grant dismissals, reductions, driving school, or payment plans. To explore these options after missing a court date, you must appear before the Judge in person.

If you miss your court date, you have 30 days to take action. Within this time frame, you have two options:

Payment in Full

You can make full payment for the fines and fees associated with your citation(s).

Appear in Court

Alternatively, you can choose to appear in court on a date determined by the court to address your citation in person. To schedule a court date, call 405-751-9266.

If, by the end of the 30-day grace period, you have neither paid your entire balance nor appeared before the Judge, the following consequences may occur:

License Suspension

Your driver's license may be suspended.

Bench Warrant

A bench warrant for your arrest may be issued.

Additional Charge

You may receive an additional charge for "Failure to Appear in Court."

Driver's License Reinstatements:

If a hold has been placed on your driver's license by The Village Municipal Court due to failure to appear or failure to make a payment, the hold will be lifted upon full payment of your balance with The Village Municipal Court, unless the Judge orders an early license release. Once your balance is settled, we will provide you with a Driver's License release document, which you will need to present to Service Oklahoma for license reinstatement. Visit Service Oklahoma for more information on driver's license reinstatements.